Our Services

Finecop Zambia Limited are the official distributors of Tormac Pumps, ranging from Submersible Pumps, Submersible Motors, Centrifugal Multistage Pumps, End Suction Centrifugal Pumps, Centrifugal Monoblock Pumps, Open well Submersible Pumps, uPVC Riser Pipes, Submersible Cables and Control Panels, ABB controls and drives with pioneering digital technology as well as BCH electronic controls.

Genvik  equipment with a wide range for both industrial and domestic applications.

V-guard Solar systems & ELGi industrial compressors, Piston Compressors, Electric Lubricated Screw Compressors, Electric Oil-Free Screw Compressors, Portable Compressors, Air Accessories, Heat Recovery System, Railway Compressors.

Our products are used and are suitable for all industrial, mining, recreational, residential and all agricultural needs.

Civil Construction

  1. Concrete Structures: On mines, commercial buildings or any other applications
  2. Water retaining structures: sewage and water treatment plants
  3. Pipelines: Bulk transportation in uPVC, Steel, HDPE pipelines
  4. water reticulation system with elevated water tanks

Erection & Fabrication

  1. All our fabrication machines are of high standard insuring
  2. The process of steel fabrication involves grinding, welding, cutting, bending, drilling, burning or melting and other general crafting methods using various high quality tools, The entire steel fabrication process is systematic and requires utmost planning, precision, and knowledge. Our Steel fabricators are well aware of all the crucial steps and measures that need to be taken care of in the fabrication process.

Finecop Zambia Limited, assures 100% quality service delivery on every project we are assigned