Submersible Motor Eco Series 10″ (D-Series-60Hz)

Submersible Motor Eco Series 10″ (D-Series-60Hz)

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Tormac Esteem series submersible motors are ingeniously designed and developed employing latest engineering softwares, high-tech machinery & tools with the complement of cutting edge technology for hardwearing and maintenance free operations and to ensure relentless performance.

The electrical conditions such as voltage, frequency and the operating conditions are taken into account in designing the winding and cooling system. Tried and trusted indigenously improved design, combined with the most optimized efficiency in electromagnetic design exceptionally ensures trouble free performance. The integrated and most modern quality assurance systems used at every stage of production and flawless workmanship lead to sustained and consistent operation.

Tormac Esteem series motors are non rewindable type. The stator is wound with high quality enameled copper wire and the stator shell is filled diligently with epoxy resin. Allowing faster and greater dissipation the resin ensures longer motor life. The stator shell, housings shell & motor base are made of fabricated S.S 304/316 which prevents the motor from corrosion.

These motors are pre-filled with environmentally safe deionised water mixed with propylene glycol which acts as a lubricant & coolant. A uniquely designed thrust bearing with high thrust capacity and good quality shaft seals are used to enhance the strength & durability. All single phase motors are supplied with suitable control boxes. All Tormac motors are produced in accordance with ISO 9001 standards and mounting dimensions with NEMA standard.


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Technical Data

Specifications Nominal Diameter     (10”)
Rated Output & Voltage 81 to 220kW – 380/415V, 3Ph, (WYE-DELTA)
Rated Speed 2900
Voltage Tolerance -15%    +6%
Protection IP68
Rotation Sequence CW, CCW –  3Ph
Outer Diameter 81 – 85 kW – 236 mm 220kW- 240 mm
Duty S1 (Continuous)
Linear flow 0.16m/sec
Liquid Temperature 38˚C max
Switching Frequency 10 Times/Hour
Thrust load 60000N/13500lbs
Mounting Dimensions NEMA Standard / International
Starting Method 81 to 220kW  – DOL & SD
Motor Lead out type 3/4 core Rubber Insulated Flat Cable leads, internally connected with the windings.
Class of Insulation Y
Thermal Protection High Temperature motors for 70˚C/90˚C Can be supplied with PT sensor and SLPE/PA winding

Construction Features

Components   10″
Version – TB
Seal Housing CastIron
 Upper and lower support CastIron
 Shaft Seal Carbon Vs Ceramic
 Wound Stator Shell  S.S 304
 Spline Shaft SS 410
 Rotor Shaft EN-8
 Radial Bearings  Graphite Carbon
 Thrust Segment Carrier/Segments SS 420
 Thrust Disc  Graphite Carbon
 Pressure Equalizing Diaphragm High Nitrile Rubber
Diaphragm Cover  S.S 304


  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Industries
  • Residential
  • Fire Fighting and Dewatering
  • Construction & Building Services

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